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Women in the Word Bible Study

Posted by Virtuous Lady on April 11, 2019 at 2:20 PM Comments comments (0)

Kingdom Greetings Women of God, I would like to cordially invite you to tune into God's Woman of Excellence Ministries Live on Blog Talk Internet Radio for our Women in the Word Online Bible Study. This will be a 30 minute Broadcast that includes an In-depth Teaching of a Woman in the Bible and Intercessory Prayer.

This Broadcast is back by Poplular Demmand. This will be a monthly Broadcast begining in April 2019.



When: Thursday, April 25, 2019, Women in the Word Bible Study - Abishag


Time: 6:30pm EST, 5:30pm CST, 4:30pm MST, 3:30pm PST






***New Listener Dial in # 1-(657)-383 -0381 or via the Internet at






Yours in Kingdom Building,

Pastor Lisa Martin aka Virtuous Lady

God's Woman of Excellence Ministries


"Women Excelling in Excellence"




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Pray without Ceasing Prayer Revival #2

Posted by Virtuous Lady on August 1, 2013 at 1:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Calling all Prayer Warriors! You are cordially invited to join Prayer is my Passion Intercessory Prayer Ministry at our "Pray without Ceasing Prayer Revival #2" via Teleconference on Thursday, August 1, 2013 thru Thursday, August 8, 2013

Time: 9:30pm Eastern, 8:30pm Central, 7:30pm Mountain, 6:30pm Pacific

Where: Dial 1-218-632-0650 Code:8888# please press *6 to self mute and eliminate all background noise

We will be having Anointed Guest Speakers and Prayer Leaders for 8 Glorious days!

Thursday, August 1, 2013 Evangelist Tracy Lawanda

Friday, August 2, 2013 Pastor Charmaine Hills

Saturday, August 3, 2013 Apostle Winnie Gholston

Sunday, August 4, 2013 Pastor/Prophetess Shirley Watkins

Monday, August 5, 2013 Apostle Tracy Foreman

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Prophetess Shareta Berry

Wednesday, August 7, 2013 Prophetess Mary Thomas

Thursday, August 8, 2013 Apostle Helen Watkins-Skeete

Host/Visionary: Pastor Lisa Martin aka Virtuous Lady

Prayer is my Passion Intercessory Prayer Ministry

[email protected]




VL Enterprises Customer Appreciation Month

Posted by Virtuous Lady on June 5, 2013 at 6:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Praise the Lord Everyone,

June is Customer Appreciation month with Virtuous Lady's Enterprises. I will be having a Contest Drawing to giveaway 1 Women's Preacher's Towel and 1 Lap Handkerchief for absolutely free. To enter the drawing you must submit your name and inform me which drawing to include you in. You also must give VL Enterprises a shout out either via email, your facebook wall, on twitter and or your Group http://virtuousladysenterprises.webs.com. Please CC my email [email protected] if you are sending out an email blast. Please note the Contest ends this Friday June 7, 2013 and the Winners will be Announced Saturday, June 8, 2013

Yours in KIngdom Building,

Pastor Lisa Martin aka Virtuous Lady


Virtuous Lady's Enterprises

Friday Midnight Breakthrough Warfare Prayer

Posted by Virtuous Lady on May 16, 2013 at 6:20 PM Comments comments (1)

Calling all Prayer Warriors! You are cordially invited to join Prayer is my Passion Intercessory Prayer Ministry for "Midnight Breakthrough Warfare Prayer" via Teleconference every 3rd Friday night (Saturday morning) beginning on May 18, 2013.

When: Every 3rd Friday night (Saturday morning)

Where: Dial 1-218-632-0650 Code:8888#

Time: 12am Eastern, 11pm Central, 10pm Mountain, 9pm Pacific

Host/Visionary: Pastor Lisa Martin aka Virtuous Lady

Prayer is my Passion Intercessory Ministry

[email protected]



When Perfect Pastors Divorce

Posted by Virtuous Lady on January 21, 2013 at 9:35 PM Comments comments (2)

Spiritled Woman

When Perfect Pastors Divorce

12:00PM EST 1/15/2013 Tamara Lowe

Learn how to pray and support your pastors before a crisis erupts in their marriage.

Pastor Jack (not his real name) stood before his congregation in tears. He said, "I have to confess that I have been involved in an extramarital affair. Effective today I am resigning as the senior pastor of this church. I'm sorry." The congregation sat in shocked silence. Many wept.

I never saw it coming. Just a week earlier I had taken the pastor's beautiful wife, Angela, out to lunch. She acted as if she didn't have a problem in the world. Everything was great.

I asked her, "How did you meet Jack?" Her answer is still vivid in my mind.

She set down her salad fork and said, "We met in high school. I was a lowly freshman, and Jack was captain of the football team. He was class president and the big man on campus.

"One day he sat down next to me in the school cafeteria and asked me out on a date. I was on cloud nine! I couldn't believe that the most popular guy in school was interested in me."

She had stars in her eyes as she told me about it. She said they had been married for 18 years and she was still smitten with Jack.

A few months later she and Jack were divorced. How could this happen? It wasn't supposed to turn out like this.

Jack and Angela were the perfect couple. He was a wonderful, compassionate pastor who taught that marriage is sacred and that adultery is a deadly trap. Angela was a supportive, loving wife. They had sweet children, a large congregation that loved them and prominence in the community. What went wrong?

THE PROBLEM NO ONE WANTS TO TALK ABOUT Divorce is an unspoken epidemic among believers. A recent report by the Barna Research Group revealed that born-again Christians are more likely to go through a marital split than non-Christians. According to the nationwide study, released in March 2008, 32 percent of those identified as born-again Christians have experienced at least one divorce. Among those who are not born again, 33 percent are currently divorced or have been at least once.

A related study also conducted by Barna Research found that among Protestant senior pastors, 15 percent have experienced divorce.

About the time that Pastor Jack resigned from his church, my husband and I were planning a ski vacation with our close friends Scott and Julie. Every winter we would rent a chalet and take our families skiing together.

Last winter they canceled and told us they were getting divorced. We were devastated. When they told me, I said, "No!" with such force that I felt my words alone could change their decision.

Scott and Julie had been in ministry for 20 years. Scott was an associate pastor in a thriving church. They had served as missionaries in Brazil and were popular speakers at Christian conferences.

Their divorce became hostile, and a bitter custody battle for their two precious daughters ensued. I couldn't shake the memory of Scott and Julie snuggling together in front of the fireplace at our chalet. How could they be getting divorced?

LIVING IN A GLASS CHURCH Picture the perfect pastor and his family: He is a great leader, wise and above reproach. His wife is pretty, modest and gentle. His children are well-groomed and well-behaved.

That's the stereotype. It's almost never the reality. But that's the image ministers and their families feel a burden to project.

Vicki Lyons is a pastor's daughter. She told me, "When I was growing up my mother had only two friends that she could confide in. I was one, and my sister was the other.

"No matter what difficulties we were facing in our family, my parents had to act like everything was great. It seems kind of hypocritical, but we felt that we had to be an example to the congregation. Sheep panic easily. If the shepherd shows any signs of weakness the sheep scatter quickly."

Pastors and people in ministry feel the burden to project a perfect image because we, the sheep, demand it. In subtle ways we affirm them for their "perfection." In obvious ways we snipe at them for their imperfections.

If the pastor's wife is not leading a women's Bible study or working in the church nursery, if pastor's son gets his ear pierced, or if pastor preaches about giving, heaven help them. The sheep start bleating. No wonder pastors feel isolated! Everything they do and say is being scrutinized for flaws on a weekly basis

Debra is a pastor's wife with a 16-year-old daughter. Her daughter, Amy, is an outgoing, loving, involved member of the congregation. She helps teach Sunday school and is active in the youth group. By all accounts she is a devoted Christian teen-ager.

Last summer Amy committed the unpardonable sin of highlighting her hair with lemon juice. So many people complained to the pastor and his wife about it that Debra finally addressed the issue at a ladies meeting.

She said, "A number of people have commented about my daughter's hair. They've said we shouldn't let her color her hair. They've said she's too young, it symbolizes rebellion, she's trying to attract attention, all kinds of things.

"Ladies, Amy is 16 years old. She put lemon juice in her hair. She didn't do drugs. She didn't commit an immoral act. She simply put lemon juice in her hair."

With all the pressure their congregants put on them, is it any wonder ministers and their families become so skilled at projecting a "perfect"image that when they have marital problems, it's easier to live a lie than to expose the truth? Usually the congregation doesn't find out until it's past the point of reconciliation.

THE PRICE OF PASTORAL DIVORCE When someone in the ministry gets a divorce a lot of people get hurt. If it is your pastor there is a sense of personal betrayal. "How could they do this to us?" For the pastor's family there is a deep feeling of shame and abandonment.

What can we do to stand in the gap for pastors and their families? Here are some practical ways we can reach out to our pastors in the hope that they don't end up as another statistic of divorce.

Consistently pray for your pastor. Make it a regular discipline in your prayer time. Don't just pray, "God bless pastor"; do spiritual warfare! Bind principalities and powers that would seek to destroy his marriage and children.

Implore the Spirit of God to move mightily in their lives. Station mighty angels of God around their home and children to push back the forces of darkness that try to attack them. Ask the Holy Spirit to give you specific guidance so that you can pray effectively. Pray also for associate ministers, missionaries and other Christian leaders that you support.

Give the pastor and his family time together. Encourage them to take family vacations and getaways. Pastors live their lives in a fishbowl. They need some private times with their spouse and children.

Give them a gift certificate to a nice restaurant, and offer to baby-sit their children. Encourage others in the congregation to do the same. If someone in the congregation has a vacation home, suggest that it would be a blessing to let the pastor's family use it for a week. Buy them tickets to a sports event, concert or circus. Create opportunities for them to be together.

Assure the pastor and his family members that they are loved and accepted. Tell them plainly that no one expects them to be perfect. Let them know that the congregation is committed to them and that it's OK to be vulnerable. Many times pastors don't realize that when they share their weaknesses it encourages the congregation to also be open with their faults.

What should you do if you know a minister who is going through a separation or divorce?

Here are some ideas for reaching out to pastors and their families in the midst of marital crisis.

Do not abandon them! They need friends who will love them. At first they may try to retreat and regroup. They may not answer the phone, or they may want to get out of town. That's a common behavior for pastors and their spouses in the midst of separation or divorce.

Another thing that's common is for their friends and family members to bail out of their lives as if they were jumping from the deck of the sinking Titanic. Don't flee the scene. Someone has to stick around to love them.

Encourage them to see a Christian counselor. Be a shoulder to cry on and a friend to pray with, but always steer them toward a godly impartial counselor. Whether the end result is divorce or reconciliation, counseling is needed.

Assure them of the love of God. When a pastor gets divorced he doesn't lose just a spouse; he loses everything--his job, his identity, his home, respectability, financial stability--and seemingly, even the love of God. The same is true for his wife. Many times he is stripped of his credentials and thinks he is disqualified for future ministry.

Reassure both of them that God loves them and that the gifts and callings of God are without repentance (see Rom. 11:29). God is close to the contrite and brokenhearted. He will bring restoration and healing as they draw close to Him.

Tamara Lowe

Did You Marry the Wrong Guy?

Posted by Virtuous Lady on January 10, 2013 at 12:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Spiritled Woman

Did You Marry the Wrong Guy?

3:00PM EST 1/8/2013 Leilani Haywood

Five years after our wedding, I wondered, "Who is this person, and what has he done with my real husband?"

Lord, I'm sorry! I married the wrong man. Please forgive me," I cried out in agonizing prayer after my husband, Jerome, had belittled me when I poured out my heart to him about the things I was learning.

God was moving powerfully in my life by opening up the Word of God to me and revealing fresh truths, but my husband barely read the Bible. When he managed to carve out some time to read it, he fell asleep. After five years of marriage, it seemed apparent that I had made a dreadful mistake.

Yet I was so certain in the beginning that God had ordained our relationship. Jerome and I met in 1985 on a mission trip to Boston. He was sent from his church in Missouri and I from mine in Hawaii.

After I moved to Florida in 1987, we met again through a mutual friend. I had no idea that seven years later I would be walking down the aisle with him! We ran into each other periodically at church conferences in the following years, but it wasn't until 1992 that the fireworks went off.

I was working for a Christian publishing company at the time and had been sent to a pastors conference on the company's behalf when I spotted him. I recognized Jerome as he was walking out of the auditorium.

Excited to see someone I knew, I ran up to him and hugged him. "Jerome, how are you doing?" I asked.

There was a flicker of recognition. Then he stepped back. "Hi, do I know you?" he replied. The friend who was with him kept muttering under his breath, "You're the woman in the dream."

I hit Jerome on the shoulder and said, "Florida, Romeo Bagunu." His eyes lit up. "Leilani! Of course I remember you."

Wide-eyed, his friend exclaimed loudly, "You're the woman in the dream!"

"Excuse me?" I said.

Jerome stepped in front of his friend. "Don't listen to him," he told me.

Confused, I turned to Jerome and asked, "What's he talking about?" A few days later I found out that Jerome had had a dream about a woman with long black hair who was going to be his wife. His friend was amazed that he was meeting the woman in the dream the very next day.

The last day of the conference we declared our love for each other. We knew that God had brought us together. Jerome had not been on a date in 13 years because he believed that if he sought the kingdom first, the Lord would bring him a wife.

Three weeks later he proposed to me in a beautiful rose garden in Missouri. Three months later I packed up everything I could fit into my little compact car and drove to a town in a state I had never visited.

We married on the first day of spring with snow on the ground. But now, five years and two children later, it was clear I had married the wrong person.

What was I to do? I was aware that God hates divorce, and Jerome hadn't done anything to merit separation. He worked hard and helped take care of our children, clean the house, cook and do laundry. He had all the qualities most married women wish their husbands possessed!

But we were extremely different. Jerome didn't like going to the beach or traveling. I loved to travel. His favorite restaurant was a diner. I preferred ethnic or gourmet restaurants. His favorite store was Wal-Mart, and mine was Pier One.

It seemed we had a vast chasm between us. Why hadn't I noticed these differences during our engagement?

Now I repented and prayed for God to move. I stayed up late at night praying for wisdom and insight.

After a month of crying into the carpet every night, a flash of insight hit me: I had a hidden agenda when I got married! Since I had been involved in ministry, writing and publishing, I assumed my future husband would be called to full-time ministry as well.

Jerome previously had served in full-time ministry but at this time was working in a sales position. Though he was very involved in the church as a lay leader, I was disappointed. I had thought I was marrying a future church-planter or pastor. Many years later, I realized he had no intention of going into full-time ministry.

That night the Lord revealed the agenda in my heart that was a stumbling block to our becoming one. He assured me that I had married the right person. I just needed to get rid of the agenda and become the right person for him.

The Lord made it clear that my attitude toward Jerome would either facilitate the move of God in our marriage or shut it out. I decided to give up my hidden agenda and concentrate on being the right mate for him. As I shifted my focus from Jerome's becoming what I thought God had called him to be to my becoming who God wanted me to be, my husband and I have become best friends.

When a Mom's Idea from God turns into a Business

Posted by Virtuous Lady on January 10, 2013 at 12:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Spiritled Woman

When a Mom's Idea From God Turns Into a Business

10:00AM EST 1/8/2013 Gail Pittman

Gail Pittman

Gail Pittman

Twenty nine years ago, I was looking for a creative outlet as a stay-at-home mom. Since then, God has turned my hobby into a thriving enterprise.

When I was in high school, I thought I was going to be a rock star, but in 1968 God revealed to me that He had other plans. After graduating from the University of Mississippi, I taught school for a while and then stayed home after my second child was born.

I was happy and fulfilled with my family, but there was something missing--something I longed to do--something creative. I began to look for an outlet.

My search led me to begin "fooling around" with ceramics at my kitchen table. Soon my experimenting became an adventure, and I now have a company that manufactures hand-painted dinnerware and accessories in Ridgeland, Mississippi--with 110 employees!

It was 1979 when I began pursuing my new career. In the 1980s I took a leap of faith and displayed my pottery at the Flea Market in Canton, Mississippi. Going into this experience, I reflected on Proverbs 3:5-6 and applied this passage to my situation, trusting in the Lord with all my heart and not relying on my own understanding. The result--success--and Gail Pittman, Inc. was born.

By 1986 I had outgrown my work space at home, and my husband encouraged me to purchase an 1,800-square-foot building in Ridgeland, Mississippi, as a studio. I read the book of Jeremiah for inspiration, memorizing Jeremiah 33:3, "'Call to Me, and I will answer you, and show you great and mighty things, which you do not know'" (NKJV). After only three months, our building was too small, and in February of 1988, we moved into a 7,800-square-foot studio.

The Lord continued to bless me and my small staff, and in 1992 we moved into a new 26,000-square-foot factory in Ridgeland with an increased staff of 80 artisans. In 1994, Gail Pittman, Inc. had the privilege of being named one of INC. magazine's 500 fastest growing private companies. This year, we expanded for the 5th time and now have over 50,000 square feet in our factory.

How did we grow so quickly? What is the secret to our success? The "secret" is not really a secret at all: We submit everything to God. Every time we have to make a decision, whether it is related to design, personnel or a pending expansion, we pray about it as a company--and whatever God tells us to do, we do.

Also, I depend on God continually for wisdom to determine what is important and what isn't. I want to keep my priorities straight, making certain my husband and children come before my work responsibilities.

In addition, I invest spiritually in my employees. I believe it is my Christian responsibility to afford them the very best possible opportunity to grow in their faith. For this reason, every Wednesday morning employees have the opportunity to attend a company Bible study that is led by Jim Doremus, one of the ministers from First Baptist Church of Jackson, Mississippi.

Everyone involved in our company is invited to attend, and for many, this Bible study is the highlight of their week. We sing, share joys, hurts, and prayer concerns, and go to God together.

Serving the community is also important to me and the employees at Gail Pittman, Inc. We helped build a Habitat for Humanity House in Jackson and participated in the Salvation Army's "Souper Sunday," for which we donated soup bowls. We also helped raise funds for the Salvation Army and its local ministries.

Other than listening to God, following His directives, and caring for my family, employees and community, there are a few guidelines I've learned to follow through the years to help my business grow. These are the guidelines, or tips, I give others when they ask how I did it:

Define Success First of all, define what success is for you. Decide what you value, and set your goals accordingly. Keep in mind that the meaning of success is different for different people. You can't set your business objectives by what others consider success.

Success can be defined in a variety of ways--from sales growth to employee retention to having a strong corporate culture. But don't let money be your only measure of success. Many people who make a lot of money never feel satisfied with their professions.

Be True to Yourself Be true to what you really believe. Pray about decisions, and ask God to help you make the right ones.

When I am facing a particularly difficult decision, I depend on my deepest held beliefs to guide me in my choice. I know I cannot compromise on certain principles, and that makes a lot of decisions easier.

Keep Your Passion Keep the passion alive that got you started in business. This will help you stay focused.

A Prophetic Word for 2013

Posted by Virtuous Lady on January 9, 2013 at 1:35 PM Comments comments (0)

A Prophetic Word for 2013: Return to Antioch

8:23AM EST 1/9/2013 Jennifer LeClaire

Charisma News Editor Jennifer LeClaire is sounding the alarm with a clear prophetic directive to leave behind the Hollywood Christianity, the pillow prophets, the prosper-me gospel.

I was taking a long drive from South Florida to Orlando, praying in the Spirit, and asking the Lord to reveal some prophetic direction for 2013. I must have prayed in the Spirit for two hours before I heard these three words: “Return to Antioch.”

With a long, dark stretch of highway still in front of me, I could not readily dive into Scripture to seek understanding about what the Holy Spirit was trying to tell me. So I continued praying in the Spirit and meditating on those three words: “Return to Antioch.”

When I opened my Bible to Acts 14, prophetic revelation for the body of Christ—particularly the leadership of the body of Christ—began to unfold:

When Paul and Barnabas were serving together in the mission fields, they made a return visit to Lystra, Iconium and Antioch. With the return to Antioch, they had a clear mandate: to “strengthen the souls of the disciples, exhorting them to continue in the faith, and saying, ‘We must through many tribulations enter the kingdom of God’” (Acts 14:22).

I like how the Amplified Bible draws out this verse: “Establishing and strengthening the souls and the hearts of the disciples, urging and warning and encouraging them to stand firm in the faith, and [telling them] that it is through many hardships and tribulations we must enter the kingdom of God.”

And the Message Bible puts it this way: “putting muscle and sinew in the lives of the disciples, urging them to stick with what they had begun to believe and not quit, making it clear to them that it wouldn’t be easy: ‘Anyone signing up for the kingdom of God has to go through plenty of hard times’.”

As I meditated on this verse, it became abundantly apparent how different the apostles’ message was to what we hear in most local churches—and on most Christian TV channels—today. The apostles understood that we are in a spiritual war against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this age, against spiritual hosts of wickedness in the heavenly places (see Eph. 6:12). The apostle urged and warned believers to fight the good fight of faith—not for cars and houses and bigger ministries but pure faith in Christ that refuses to compromise the gospel. And the apostles made it clear that it wouldn’t be easy.

We need to “return to Antioch.” We need to return to sound doctrine that strengthens the spirits and souls of the disciples, encourages them to contend for the true faith, and refuses to sugar coat the Christian walk. We need to “return to Antioch” and leave behind the Hollywood Christianity, the pillow prophets, the prosper-me gospel and the other foolish practices that have crept into the 21st century church while we were sleeping. We need to “return to Antioch” and walk with Christ no matter what it costs us. We need to be found faithful when the Lord returns.

The apostles knew that a Great Falling Away was a reality. Today, I believe we are seeing the shadows of the Great Falling Away—and some leaders in the body of Christ are escorting their disciples through the doorway that leads to compromise. Some are giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons. Some are speaking lies in hypocrisy. Some have iron-seared consciences. Some are deceived, being deceived and deceiving others.

When the apostle’s returned to Antioch, their message was clear. And their message rings as true in this hour as it did 2,000 years ago: “We must suffer many hardships to enter the Kingdom of God.” There’s no getting around that no matter what famous television pastors tell you. So, leaders, I implore you to return to Antioch. Strengthen the believers. Encourage them to continue in the truth faith, not the perverted “gimme-gimme” faith that is so prevalent in the Western culture. Please, return to Antioch. Amen.

Press in Prayer All Night TelePrayer

Posted by Virtuous Lady on December 29, 2012 at 7:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Kingdom Greetings Intercessors you are cordially invited to the Press in Prayer All Night TelePrayer with Host Prophet Katina Donaldson from Vessels Purposed for the Honor of God Deliverance Intl Ministries on tonight, Saturday, December 29, 2012 11pm EST to 7am EST Dial 1-218-632-0412 Code:97774# press *6 to self mute your phone to eliminate background noise. Come with an Expectation to Receive from the Lord as we Worship, Pray and Preach the Word of God! Yours truly will be the Guest Speaker at 2am EST.

Yours in Christ

Virtuous Lady

Please Vote today

Posted by Virtuous Lady on November 6, 2012 at 8:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Good Morning Intercessors today is Tuesday, November 6th and it is the Presidential Election in the United States. I Encourage all Intercessors to continue to Intercede and Pray today for the Grace of God, Order to be at the Voting Stations, for the Right Candidate to get into office etc.. If you are led to Fast please do that as well. Out Nation is in trouble there is so much turmoil but our God is Greater than this no weapon formed against the U.S. will prosper! Lord we cry out unto you today and forever! Also please go to the Voting polls and Vote for the Candidate that you have been led to, please be prepared to stay in line especially if they are long by packing a snack, a beverage, a book, and wear comfortable shoes and dress warmly. There is Power in Prayer and Prayer is our Passion!

Yours in Kingdom Building, Pastor Lisa Martin

Visionary of God's Woman of Excellence Ministries 



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